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Being a pediatric dentist offers me the opportunity to improve the health of children now, and for the rest of their lives. By establishing good habits at an early age, ensuring each child feels safe and at ease, and educating patients and parents, I work to set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

~ Dr. Jeffrey Humberson

Dr. Humberson has practiced dentistry for almost 30 years. Driven to motivate patients and families to improve their dental health and prevent future dental disease, he offers high-quality and comfortable care.

A native of Westminster, Maryland, Dr. Humberson obtained his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of Maryland. This was followed by a General Practice Residency and Certificate at the VA Medical Center and then his Pediatric Dentistry Residency and Certificate through the Lutheran Medical Center.

Dr. Humberson’s educational pursuits have continued throughout his time in practice. Oral healthcare, and the pediatric dental specialty, is constantly advancing. Research leads to innovations in technology and technique, as well as new insights into diagnostics, treatment planning, and procedures. These developments can improve the patient experience and outcome, making care more comfortable, efficient, and effective.

By taking continuing education courses, in general and pediatric dentistry, Dr. Humberson stays at the forefront of developments and trends. He carefully evaluates new options before incorporating them into patient care, ensuring each child receives science-based treatment for the best experience and predictable, healthy results.

When Dr. Humberson is finished seeing patients for the day, he returns to his Santa Fe home where he enjoys life with his wife, son, and family dog. While being with loved ones is a priority, he makes time for two of his favorite pursuits: cycling and traveling.